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Here are the ground rules:

  • Must wear masks at all times
  • ​​Class size is limited to 12 so first come first serve
  • ​Social distancing is to be strictly observed

*If our line is busy due to high volume demand, please leave a message

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We've taken over the old Payless building and we want to show you what we've done with the place!

Here are the ground rules:

  • Must wear masks at all times
  • ​​Class size is limited to 16 so first come first serve
  • BFF gives you everything you need for a great workout. All. you have to do is show up!
  • Our program works for any level so you can workout at your pace
  • Our community is a group of people motivated to stay in shape, why don't you join us!?
Do you want to
  • Fit into your favorite old clothes
  • Keep up with work and family
  • ​Give your confidence a boost!?

361 Main Street
Bellville,NJ 07109

Monday - Friday

Classes can be live and/or virtual
Check out what some of our awesome members have to say about bootcamp at BFF
Real People - Real Results
I've been taking BFF bootcamp for well over a year now....I have never stayed with any exercise program for this long before and I still love my workouts!

The class is great, the people are great and I feel stronger and healthier than ever. 

Give it a just might Get Hooked : )
I cannot believe how much I have enjoyed this boot camp. I get a much tougher work out than anything else I have done but have enjoyed it so much more. Jonathan knows his stuff, is passionate about physical fitness and healthy eating, and is a pleasure to be around. It's an organized, well-run program and a great group of people working out at various fitness levels. Fun music too. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get in, or stay in, shape.
This is the best way to work out period!!! When I decided to try this almost a year ago, I figured I would get the month out of it and satisfy my friend who had been pushing me to do it. But one week in and I was completely hooked. You work every part of your body in ways you did not think you could. Everyday is something different so there is no room to get bored. 

I would highly recommend this gym and workout to anyone (any age, any size) looking for something that can truly change their habits and lifestyle!!!
Is it going to be a year already? I started Bootcamp with a Group On to "test the waters". It was suggested by my Dr. that I attempt diet and exercise to reduce my cholesterol level of 305. After 7 months, my level is down to meds! I'm a sports fanatic tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball, name it but I NEVER stayed with an organized workout routine for more than 1 month. BFF mixes it up, offers new exercises, guides you with suggestions for diet and keeps it motivating, fun and anything but boring. As with everything in is what you make it.  
I love BFF because it REALLY is fun! I look forward to my boot camp classes and the wonderful group of people in the program. The workouts are always changing so you won't get bored. Jonathan will work with you to modify an exercise if you have an injury. If you're looking for a challenging but fun workout then Jonathan's boot camp is for you! 
I would so highly recommend BFF!!  I am not a morning person so for me to actually wake up to go workout, says a lot about the environment Jonathan makes for everyone!

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🏆Lose 5% of your body weight
🏆Score 4.0 challenge contest points
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