What is BFF Bootcamp?

The BFF in BFF Bootcamp doesn't JUST mean Best Friends Forever, it stands for:
Body Positive + Family Friendly + Fun!

And we offer the
Best Fitness Formula

So that you can 
Burn to Fat Fast

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Jonathan Hertilus, Owner BFF Bootcamp

Not only has Jonathan earned various certifications with ACE, NASM, NSCA and Crossfit. Jonathan educates trainers on how to deliver fitness and happiness to bootcampers all around the world!
"I started BFF Bootcamp because I believed the benefit of training with other people in your same situation was so valuable. There is so much more to health than just the scale and my goal is to bring to every BFF bootcamper a sense of confidence, accomplishment, community and success. You don't have to be the best, you just have to do whatever you can to the best of your ability"


This is the best way to work out period!!! When I decided to try this almost a year ago, I bought a groupon and figured I would get the month out of it and satisfy my firend who had been pushing me to do it. But one week in and I was completely hooked. You work every part of your body in ways you did not think you could. Everyday is something different so there is no room to get bored. Where Jonathan is concerned, he is all access. He is totally involved both in the gym and out. He will take time to meet one on one with you to help guide your eating and overall nutrition and he works in the gym with you to be sure you are working smart for your body. I have an old back injury and he has always made it his business to keep me strong and healthy concerning that injury.

I would highly recommend this gym and workout to anyone (any age, any size) looking for something that can truly change their habits and lifestyle!!!


I've been taking BFF bootcamp for well over a year now....I have never stayed with any exercise program for this long before and I still love my workouts!

The class is great, the people are great and I feel stronger and healthier than ever. 

Give it a try.....you just might Get Hooked : )


Is it going to be a year already? I started Bootcamp with a Group On to "test the waters". It was suggested by my Dr. that I attempt diet and exercise to reduce my cholesterol level of 305. After 7 months, my level is down to 224....no meds! I'm a sports fanatic tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball, softball...you name it but I NEVER stayed with an organized workout routine for more than 1 month. Jonathan mixes it up, offers new exercises, guides you with suggestions for diet and keeps it motivating, fun and anything but boring. As with everything in life....it is what you make it.  


I would so highly recommend BFF!! jonathan is one of a kind. he is so enthusiastic and makes being there so much fun. i am not a morning person so for me to actually wake up to go workout, says a lot about the environment he makes for everyone!


I've been with BFF Bootcamp for only a few months. n my first 3 months I lost 10 pounds and I'm so happy with my results. I enjoy being there every day, the rest if the bootcampers are awesome to be around and I'm so glad to be here!


I've lost over 10 lbs after struggling for a lot of my adult life with weight. I'm definitely stronger, more athletic, and more conscious of my health decisions. One of the best things about BFF Bootcamp is that my husband lost more than 20 lbs and we're able to enjoy athletic events together, push each other, and start our day off with a great workout. Love it!

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Class Times: 
4:15pm (Teens ages 12-16) 

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Head Trainer: Jonathan Hertilus
Head Trainer: Jonathan Hertilus
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