myzone Monitor Request

Monitor Types

There are two different types of heart monitors.

There is the MZ1 which costs $50. With this monitor your activity will automatically be tracked when you work out at BFF Bootcamp. The can also be used outside of BFF to track workouts however your phone has to be near you at all times. 

There is also the MZ3 which costs $70.It is virtually the same as an MZ1 except it also has storage, so you phone doesn't have to be open on the app at all times during workouts outside of BFF.

Finally there is the MZ-Switch (bottom picture) which costs $80. This will allow you to do everything the MZ3 will do plus it allows you to switch the monitor form your chest, to your wrists, to your arms with different bands. It also gives feedback on the actual monitor detailing what zone you're in.

All will track your workouts while at BFF Bootcamp.