BFF Bootcamp Spring '23 Challenge

Official Rules

This will be an honor system online challenge. Participants will be submitting their challenge scores online and whomever has the most points at the end wins.

Registration Opens: 3/27/23
Registration CLOSES: 03/31/23 (no exceptions)

Measurements begin: 3/31/23
Deadline for initial measurements/registration: 04/2/23 (Measurements will be scheduled on Acuity App and will become visible with a 7 day lead time)

Start date for challenge:  3/31/23
End date for challenge: 5/7/23
Window for measurement submission: Every FRIDAY-Monday between 5am and 9am BEFORE you workout. Before you eat anything. After you use the bathroom, wear similar clothing.

Girth measurements will be taken at the first and last week.

Entry Fee

Price For Participation: $49. 
Membership Required Throughout Challenge: Not a member yet? Schedule an info call!

Challenge Goals

The purpose of this challenge is to help you get your nutrition habits back in order. Also my goal is to help you improve your aerobic capacity, strength, and productivity while optimizing your weight and body fat percentage. During this contest we encourage you to:

Exercise at least 3x a week using our live workouts, replays, or your own workouts and
Follow our nutrition guide.

How to win

The Top Male/Female body Transformation scores will win a free month of bootcamp

Transformation - Fat weight lost relative to total body weight  

Accountability - Every week, we will have challenges encouraging you to track different aspects of health. You will score yourself and submit your score on the honor system. The person with the most points wins. Points will be determined base on how close you hit your own individual goals which will be shared with you after your measurements have been submitted.

Week 1 Challenge - Healthy eating
Week 2 Challenge - Water
Week 3 Challenge - Fiber
Week 4 Challenge - Steps (FitBit for under $100)
Week 5 Challenge - Workouts
Teams will be ranked by average score among all contestants

How to take Measurements

The coaches will take full measurements on the first and last week of the challenge (weight, body fat, tape measure and pictures)
Weight and body fat will be taken weeks 2,3, and 4

For one of the accountability weeks, there will be a step challenge, if you don't have a device to count your steps check out this fitbit
Note: there are lots of step tracking devices, you don't HAVE to get this one.


Upon Registration, clients will gain access to:

Nutrition Tools to download your calendar and ebook
Our WhatsApp Chat Group 
I understand that by registering for the Nutrition Reset I am authorizing BFF Bootcamp to charge my card on file a non-refundable fee of $49